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British holidaymakers leave £160 worth of belongings in hotels

couple packingThere’s no doubt about it that holidays are among the most expensive things we Brits splash our cash on, yet we are all guilty of leaving our belongings behind in hotels…on purpose.

In fact, according to online travel agency Sunshine, we leave a whopping £160 worth of our possessions behind at our hotels and/or apartments on purpose.

The research from the travel firm revealed that we Brits leave these bits and pieces behind at the end of our holiday break simply because we don’t think it’s worth re-packing them in our suitcase.

The most common things Brits leave behind

Meanwhile, the survey by Sunshine also found that a staggering 57% of British holidaymakers actually admitted to leaving their belongings behind, simply because they wanted to free up some space in their suitcases for other delights they had purchased while on foreign shores.

An additional 28% of participants also revealed they had actually thrown things in the bin because they believed they were “disposable” and wouldn’t need them when they got home.

The study found that the most common things we Brits tend to leave behind in our hotel rooms are:

  1. Partly used toiletries (shampoo etc.) – 75%
  2. Sun protection and creams – 62%
  3. Beach towels – 53%
  4. Books read while sunbathing – 50%
  5. Holiday clothes (shorts, bikinis etc.) – 48%
  6. Shoes – 36%
  7. Pool accessories (inflatables and balls etc.) - 21%
  8. Beach accessories (deck chairs and parasols) – 16%
  9. Unopened snacks (crisps and sweets etc.) – 8%
  10. Fashion accessories (belts, hats and hair accessories) – 6%

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of Sunshine, commented that £160 is a huge amount of money to be wasting, in fact, just imagine how much this would be as a collective amount for Brits every year.

Are you guilty of leaving your possessions behind? Don’t forget to book your family travel insurance before jetting abroad.

Date Created: 13 November 2015

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