Revealed: Top 5 things tourists find surprising about Britain

WestminsterThere’s no doubt that Britain can be a strange and surprising place for many tourists, but these travellers reveal it all.

However, in a recent Ask Reddit thread, tourists revealed what surprised them the most when visiting the UK.

From the size of our fruit all the way to our brilliant etiquette; tourists find we Brits quite astounding.

1. How small our apples are

According to tourists in Britain the fruit in England is a great deal smaller compared to that found in the rest of the world.

2. Brit’s passion for Indian cuisine

In the thread a number of people commented on how popular Indian food is across the UK, with one person saying every high street in the country is home to at least one Indian restaurant.

3. The similarity between London and the USA

A number of tourists were shocked to find just how similar the UK’s capital is to the USA.

One person wrote that everything from the TV ads all the way to the fashion worn by Londoners was like a “mirror image” of America.

4. The pop-up urinals

Many members of the Reddit thread were amazed and indeed a little envious of the pop-up urinals found across the UK which cater for those that leave their local pub late at night.

5. How Brits greet one another

Many tourists also noted that they find it extremely confusing that we greet one another with “are you alright” rather than a simple “hello”.

This reader then went on to say that we Brits are always “fine”; nothing more, nothing less.

Whether you’re remaining in the UK to enjoy the small fruit and pop-up urinals or are dreaming of taking in the summer sun from hotter climes, don’t forget to book your single trip travel insurance in advance.


Date Created: 04 November 2015

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