Over 50s flash the cash on trips abroad

Over 50 BreakOlder Brits seem to be a little thriftier with their cash, with more than half of travellers over 50 admitting to spending more than £3,000 on a trip abroad.

New research by Silver Travel Advisor revealed that an additional 20% of the over 50 holidaymakers would spend above £5,000 on a trip to hotter climes.

The survey of 500 individuals also found that 80% of this age group would happily spend £1,000 when booking a holiday abroad.

Travel habits revealed

Meanwhile, the report also looked at the travel habits of older holidaymakers, with 60% admitting that they select their trips online, while the majority said they are influenced by online reviews.

However, a third also noted that they still prefer to book their trip via the phone or with a travel agent, according to the research.

The study found that 62% of sun-seekers will use the internet, while 50% will look for a special offer or bargain, 23% will book by phone and 13% will visit a travel agent.

When it came to destinations, more than 50% were on the lookout for trips to see the Northern Lights, while 30% would opt for a round-the-world cruise.

A further 20% would choose a relaxing weekend in Venice, while 27% would remain within the UK and explore the stunning Scottish Highlands.

Spending cash while away

Meanwhile, half of the mature holidaymakers said they would choose a city break over a beach holiday, while a quarter said they would prefer a cruise.

The report also looked at how this age group travel and found that 77% will go away with their partner, while 13% will travel alone.

Interestingly, 35% said they would consider travelling abroad alone, while 10% prefer to go on holiday with their family or as part of a wider group.

Debbie Marshall, Managing Director at Silver Travel Advisor, said that many mature travellers are going further afield, much more often.

The reason so many over 50’s are travelling abroad is because more than 80% of their wealth is disposable and it’s clear to see that they’re happy to spend their money on trips away, she added.

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Date Created: 28 October 2015

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