Revealed: 2015 holiday trends

2015 Holiday Trends
It’s clear to see that we Brits just love a trip abroad, with overseas travel continuing to soar, boasting a record number of 65.1 million international trips having taken place in the past 12 months, representing a 5% increase in comparison with 2014.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the holiday destination of choice for many UK sun-seekers is Spain, with 5 million Brits jetting off to the sunny climes for their annual sun, sea and sangria.

Finding the most-loved destinations

However, it isn’t just Spain that holds the hearts of the British, according to there are many other countries that are just as popular.

The travel experts have launched an innovative interactive map which reveals what countries are most visited by British holidaymakers and the most popular resort of each country.

The research found that American’s don’t seem to stray too far from their home country, with Mexico being their go-to holiday destination.

But when it comes to international visitors travelling to the USA, it was found that holidaymakers from the UK, Canada and Mexico make up the largest percentage of tourist visits – with the most popular city being New York.

However, when it comes to heading down under to Australia, the largest number of visitors come all the way from China, representing a 17% increase to 685,000 travellers in the past year – with the most popular city being Sydney.

But the Australians are more likely to head across the shores of New Zealand for their break away from the daily grind.

When it came to Turkey, the Germans made up the largest percentage of tourists, after spending 5 million nights in the country over just a 12 month period.

The likes of Russia also followed suit, spending 3.6 million nights in Turkey, while the Brits came in at third place after enjoying 2.5 million nights.

According to the top ten favourite holiday destinations in the world were:

  1. New York City
  2. Toronto
  3. London
  4. Sydney
  5. Beijing
  6. Paris
  7. Auckland
  8. Berlin
  9. Barcelona
  10. Dubai

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Date Created: 20 October 2015

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