Brits find it hard to relax on holiday

iPhoneAlmost half of workaholic Brits (47%) struggle to completely switch off while enjoying the sun on holiday.

A recent study by American Express also found that 1 in 10, 35-54 year olds said it can take up to six days to completely unwind from the daily grind at work.

The research argues that the failure to relax while on holiday is due to Brits being constantly connected to the web while abroad.

Staying connected to the world

35% of respondents said they turn their mobile phones on within minutes of landing upon foreign shores, while 51% admit to checking their social media profiles up to 15 times a day during their time on holiday - which explains why 61% of Brits will only choose a hotel with Wi-Fi.

Research has also revealed that many holidaymakers will plan their trip full of activities months in advance, however, very few will take the time to unwind from life back in Britain.

The study also highlighted that once abroad a third of Brits will use their smartphones for holiday-related reasons and choose instead, to use their devices to maintain contact with their home life.

Meanwhile, 47% will spend their time on holiday on work emails, while 20% will catch up on sport and celebrity gossip.

Making a conscious effort to unwind

In light of this, American Express has partnered with Will Williams, a meditation expert to develop four meditation podcasts that Brits can follow.

Named the Switch-Off Series, holidaymakers can enjoy podcasts on; visualisation, mindful awareness, breathing and mindful mantra.

Simon Reeve, Travel Expert, has advised Brits to switch off their smartphones in order to get the most from their time abroad.

It’s important for holidaymakers to make a conscious effort to unwind and practising meditation is a great way of achieving this.

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Date Created: 08 October 2015

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