Brits reveal most annoying holiday guests

Angry ManBritish holidaymakers have spoken out about their most annoying hotel guests that left a lasting impression on them for all the wrong reasons.

Hated holidaymakers

Research by travel website Expedia found that Brits don’t enjoy staying in hotels with loud and obnoxious guests or inattentive parents.

After asking 1,022 British holidaymakers, Expedia found that inattentive parents who allow their children to run and scream around the hotel came out as the most annoying fellow holidaymaker, with 67%.

Second place was awarded to the “hallway hellraisers”, also known as those holidaymakers who are known for being loud and rude in corridors late at night.

Meanwhile, those guests that love to complain about small inconveniences, along with those that are loud once in their room were also found to be on the hit-list of many Brits.

However, the list doesn’t end there, with poolside partiers, indiscreet lovemakers and hot tub canoodlers also found to be extremely annoying.

Showing consideration for others

John Murray, Vice President and General Manager at Expedia, said that while manners differ depending on nationality and culture, the results from this research clearly highlight that holidaymakers that show little respect for those around them appear to be disliked the most.

The same rules apply when it comes to driving and flying, a little consideration for fellow travellers can go a long way, he added.

The top ten most disliked holidaymakers were:

  1. Inattentive Parents – 67%
  2. The Hallway Hellraisers – 64%
  3. The Complainers – 54%
  4. The In-room Revellers – 52%
  5. The Bickerers – 26%
  6. The Poolside Partiers – 22%
  7. The Loudly Amorous – 21%
  8. The Hot Tub Canoodlers – 20%
  9. The Business Bar Boozer – 12%
  10. The Elevator Chatterbox – 6%

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Date Created: 07 October 2015

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