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Barbados named the foodie hotspot


Foodie Brits planning a holiday of a lifetime shouldn’t forget about the delights Barbados has to offer, as it’s been named the foodie hotspot of the world.

From blackened shrimp to pan-fried foie gras, Barbados has it all to offer its holidaymakers.

A quirky menu to enjoy

While Barbados may be well known for being a mecca for beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, it also has plenty more to offer.

As a sign of its ever expanding gastronomic prowess it now even holds its very own annual food, wine and rum festival which attracts celebrity chefs and foodies from across the globe every year.

From the Cobbler’s Cove and the Camelot restaurant are just two of the most famous foodie restaurants where full-bodied red wine and zingy mango sorbet can be experienced.

Complete with a number of Brit-owned restaurants and bars, holidaymakers can expect to enjoy their five-star food among a youthful clientele, while being offered a quirky mix of sushi and gazpacho.

The national drink

However, Brits can’t visit the country of Barbados without sampling its national drink of rum and of course, enjoy the Mount Gay Rum Tour; a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

Mount Gay rum is by far the oldest brand around the globe however, its popularity still remains in Barbados, with it being stocked at 1,800 different outlets and stores across the country.

But, don’t miss out on the traditional Blood, Sweat and Tears cocktail, containing cranberry, rum and fresh lime.

While Barbados is most definitely a land of variety and of course, rum, Brits are now turning to its shores in the hope of a culinary surprise and don’t leave unsatisfied.

If you’re thinking of travelling to the tasty Barbados, don’t forget to book your last minute travel insurance well in advance.

Date Created: 05 October 2015

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