Brits reveal what they would sacrifice for a luxury holiday

Road tripBritish holiday lovers have revealed for the very first time exactly what they would give up to enjoy a dream holiday - from partners to kidneys, they bare all.

According to a recent report by, 1 in 10 Brits wouldn’t think twice about giving up a kidney to travel around the world in pure luxury.

Ditching lovers and kidneys

The research also found that 25% of Brits would even ditch their long term lovers for the chance to enjoy luxury travel around the world for free.

Meanwhile, it was also found that a shocking 51% said they would quit their dream job tomorrow if it meant they could globe trot free of charge.

A further 16% of respondents said they would also give up access to the internet for the rest of their lives for this opportunity, while 55% claimed they would be willing to ditch their favourite television shows for the rest of their lifetime.

While 23% said they would sleep on the streets and give up their home, 5% would give up their best friend and never speak to them again, and 38% even claimed they would give up intimacy with their partner to enjoy travelling the world in 5 star accommodation at no expense.

Is it really worth it?

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director at Sunshine, said from this research it’s clear that there isn’t much Brits won’t give up to get their hands on a free luxurious trip around the world.

While there’s no doubt that this would be a trip of a lifetime, it is questionable whether people would really give up long term relationships for this opportunity, he added.

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Date Created: 01 October 2015

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