Brits cheer as long-haul flights plummet

PoolBrits dreaming of far off shores this winter have plenty to celebrate as prices for long-haul flights plummet, saving travellers hundreds of pounds.

Due to the strong pound, the cost of a ticket to the likes of South Africa, Malaysia and Japan have nose-dived by a shocking 50% over the past two years.

Meanwhile, flights to Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Bali are down by 40% when compared to a year ago.

A holiday bonanza

In fact, experts are now predicting a “holiday bonanza” as the pound continues to remain strong and resorts are slashing their prices in a bid to attract British tourists.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is fantastic news for the British holidaymakers looking to relax in hotter climates – with destinations such as Tokyo, previously known as being expensive, becoming affordable for the very first time.

Andrew Brown, Head of Travel Money at the Post Office – which commissioned the research, said that price remains an issue for many British families, so it’s great news that so many long-haul flights are providing good value for money.

The trick behind benefiting from these falling prices is to do “some holiday homework” before booking destinations, he added.

The pound goes from strength to strength

According to the Post Office research, the pound has strengthened by a staggering 57% in the last year.

The study interestingly, also compared the prices of 10 holiday essentials, to help Brits ensure they’re getting more bang for their buck.

Bali came out on top with a cup of coffee costing just £1.24, while Brits could expect to spend just 91p on a bottle of water.

Cape Town landed second place, where a cup of coffee was just 90p. Tokyo was next on the list with a bottle of beer coming in at less than £3.

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Date Created: 28 September 2015

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