British holidaymakers top hotel bugbears revealed!

HotelAccording to recent research the thing that infuriates us most when staying in hotels abroad is…hair in the plughole!

Almost 600 members of the public were surveyed as part of the launch of the Good Hotel Guide 2016, which looked at the biggest hotel gripes British holidaymakers have, and topping the list with 88% was hair in the plughole.

Big bugbears for Brits

Dirty shower curtains (79%), noisy guests in the next room (72%) and uncomfortable beds (68%) were also up there in the biggest bugbears for Brits.

Other irritations which led to a less than cheerful holidaying Brit included discretionary service charges (57%), windows that don’t open (43%), dim lighting (42%), background music (34%), poor WiFi (33%) and carpets in the bathroom (32%).

The research also found that women were more likely to complain and appear a great deal more critical than men.

In fact, the only factors that are more likely to bother men than women were poor WiFi, which affected just 31% of women as opposed to 34% of men.

Plastic cups in the bathroom were also a gripe for male holidaymakers (21% of men and just 18% of women).

Another notable difference was that 18% of men claimed to have been bitten by a flea while staying in a hotel – compared to just 9% of women.

However, 12% of men and women agree that too many cushions placed on a bed can be annoying.

Top food complaints

When it came to the food, the buffet breakfast didn’t prove popular with many traditional Brits – with common problems including having to get “up and down like a yo-yo”, poor quality food and pre-cooked breakfast grub that’s simply heated under hot lamps.

Unsurprisingly, another characteristic complaint of the British was the quality of the tea and coffee, along with the speed of which these arrive; which apparently isn’t fast enough.

Over familiar staff, stained bed linen and long-life milk in the bedroom were also clear issues for British holidaymakers.

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Date Created: 21 September 2015

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