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Cheapest time to book your flights revealed


If you’re fed up of the cold, wet British weather and are planning on booking your holiday to get you in a better mood, you may be interested in the latest piece of research from FareCompare.

In fact, this astonishing research could save us all pound or two…

It turns out that there is a fine art to booking a holiday on a budget – and it’s all down to the day you book it.

It’s all about the timing

To begin with, it has been found that we should never book an airplane ticket on a Friday, Saturday or Monday, simply because these are usually the days when the highest airline prices go live – so steer clear!

Instead, British holidaymakers should be shopping around for their flights on a Tuesday; specifically at 3pm on a Tuesday.

According to FareCompare, this day and time will give you access to the very best flight deals on the market as it’s when airlines release their biggest sales, making it the best time to book your plane tickets to hotter climes.

Save even more cash

However, if you want to save even more cash then you should be adjusting your timings even further.

According to a recent Expedia survey, we can save a jaw dropping £181 on an international flight if we book 171 days in advance. While this does take an awful lot of forward thinking and planning, it’s definitely worth it for the savings we could make.

As for domestic flights, we can make a nifty £36 saving if we book them a total of 57 days in advance of the departure date.

So it seems that procrastination doesn’t pay when it comes to booking holidays abroad…on a budget.

Will you be taking this insider knowledge into consideration when you book your next flight? Remember to book budget travel insurance in advance too!



Date Created: 17 September 2015

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