More than 30% of British holidaymakers miss home comforts

SunsetWhile most of us count down the minutes, hours and even seconds until our annual leave kicks in a surprising 31% of Brits are guilty of feeling homesick while on their much anticipated holiday.

In fact, homesick Brits are most likely to begin missing their home comforts on day eight of a 14-day holiday abroad – proving there really is no place like home.

Missing our home comforts

These results, from research carried out by Toby Carvery and involving 1,500 adults, found that British sun-seekers miss everything from their friends and family to their own bed when holidaying.

It takes just over a week (in a two-week holiday) for these feelings to kick in and the first thing we begin to miss is our own bed with 40% of respondents admitting to this.

Family was next on the list of things we missed (19%) followed by pets (14%) and then friends (5%).

Cravings for British television shows, our own pillow and, of course, the traditional British roast dinner were also noted while one in three Brits said they regularly thought “I can’t wait to get home” while lounging on soft sandy beaches.

Somewhat surprisingly, we even begin to miss our work colleagues while away – although this doesn’t typically happen until around three or four days before we’re due to fly home.

Taking British necessities abroad

More than just casually missing home, 29% of Brits have actually gone as far as to take their favourite British foods abroad with them because they feel they couldn’t live without them.

Half of the participants who took part in the study said they were able to feel settled at their holiday resort after approximately two and once the stresses of work had disappeared and they’d become acquainted with their new surroundings.

Rachel Westwood, Brand Manager at Toby Carvery, said that holidays are the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sunshine but it’s of no surprise to learn that many begin to miss their home comforts early on in their trip.

The top ten things we Brits are guilty of missing are:

  1. Our bed
  2. Family
  3. Pets
  4. Friends
  5. British TV
  6. Our own pillow
  7. Tea
  8. Roast dinners
  9. Our local pub
  10. Football

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Date Created: 03 September 2015

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