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Northern Irish holidaymakers seek family time

FriendsNorthern Irish holidaymakers have said that spending quality time with their close family is the number one priority when booking a holiday abroad.

According to a report by Royal Caribbean International, 73% of Northern Irish holidaymakers make the claim and choose a holiday so that they can enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

Experiencing new things while abroad

Nearly a third (31%) of these folk like to make holidaying a real family affair, stating that they also like to use their time away to catch up with their wider family; including in-laws and grandparents.

These holidaymakers are also extremely active when they visit foreign shores with 24% enjoying pursuits such as rock climbing, swimming and hiking compared to 22% of English and Scottish travellers and just 18% of Welsh tourists.

60% of Northern Irish holidaymakers also said that seeing new cities and experiencing different countries were key drivers in taking a holiday abroad, along with sampling new culinary delights.

Jetting off throughout the year

The survey also found that many of these Irish holidaymakers enjoy a holiday away from the daily grind every 3-6 months with 51% taking between two and four holidays every year.

That is compared to just 42% of the English and Welsh and 44% of the Scots who do the same.

Only 17% of those from Northern Ireland said they didn’t take a holiday at all, compared to 24% of English, 26% of Scottish and 20% of Welsh.

However, when it comes to dream destinations there is only one clear winner with these holidaymakers and that’s the USA.

A massive 39% of travellers want to visit the land of dreams while 18% would choose the exotic Caribbean.

Ben Bouldin, Sales Director at Royal Caribbean UK and Ireland, said that Northern Ireland is a key market for the travel industry and it’s great to see what they’re looking for in a holiday.

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Date Created: 02 September 2015

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