Best micro holiday homes on Airbnb REVEALED

TokyoBrits can find their perfect micro holiday home with Airbnb after the firm revealed their best spots.

As more people move to cities for new careers, space is limited in some of the world’s most popular tourist hotspots and that makes hosting services of companies such as Airbnb even more desirable.

With homes in destinations from Portland to Paris, Airbnb provides Brits with plenty of opportunities to experience the world’s best cities and their list of eight best micro-homes provides plenty of travel inspiration.

Eight best micro-homes from Airbnb

The full list of most desirable micro-homes, as provided by Airbnb, is as follows:

1. One Square Meter – Berlin

This is the smallest house on the list at only 199cm high and 70cm wide and comes with Wi-Fi. Pets are also welcome but due to the size a guinea pig might be preferable to a German Shepherd!

2. Retro Micro-Home – East London

Situated where Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts was born, this micro-home comes complete with a folding bed and is based just above a listed pie and eel shop.

3. Mini-house Magazine – Seattle

An industrial design with a touch of homely character, this Seattle micro-home is featured in several design books and even The New York Times! It can accommodate up to three people.

4. Micro-home – Tokyo

Space comes at a premium in the centre of this metropolis and with rooms so small that even the kitchen table must be folded British tourists get an authentic taste of Tokyo life in this micro-home.

5. Self-built – Nebraska

This environmentally friendly micro-home is built from wood with a rough finish for a natural look. It comes highly recommended for those taking a trip to Nebraska in the USA.

6. Rustic Modern Home – Portland

Built entirely from recycled materials, this home is located in one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world and offers a great green and rustic appearance.

7. Loft – Paris

This home comes fully equipped and even has a small courtyard garden to enjoy – perfect for those who want to relax in amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

8. 70 Capsule – Tokyo

This historical Nakagin capsule tower is more than 40 years old and is a unique way to experience the Japanese capital city.

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Date Created: 01 September 2015

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