Revealed: Best travel destinations around the world


With travel being amongst the best ways to relax and learn about the world, it’s no wonder we  Brits love it so much.

In fact, according to the latest research from VoucherBin a massive 80% of British people take at least one holiday every year – with the younger generation travelling the most.

Spoilt for choice

Their investigation found that Brits look for safety, ease of travel and value for money as essentials when looking for their next trip away while 50% of holidaymakers keep an eye on prices throughout the year.

But, with the summer season coming to an end, more of us will be on the look-out for our next holiday in 2016 and with so many destinations on offer it can be difficult to find the perfect location.

To help spoilt-for-choice Brits make the best decisions, VoucherBin explored the top travel destinations around the world and generated a list of the best locations for people to visit.

Marrakech topped the list after winning several awards for providing luxury at competitive prices with the average cost per person standing at just £45.12 per day.

It wasn’t just high value locations that fared well though and despite being one of the priciest cities – costing a hefty £118.32 per person per day on average – Paris also remained popular with Brits.

For those looking for something cheap and exotic, Siem Reap in Cambodia could be the ideal choice.

This sunny city is close to the ruins of Angkor Wat and home to gorgeous traditional cuisine that is sure to astound the basic British palate while average daily costs of £19.94 per person make it easy on the wallet.

Where to go?

Other entrants on the top destinations list included the Italian capital, Rome, as well as Turkey’s Istanbul. The top seven choices in order of preference are as follows:

  1. Marrakech – Morocco
  2. Siem Reap – Cambodia
  3. Istanbul – Turkey
  4. Hanoi – Vietnam
  5. Prague – Czech Republic
  6. Rome – Italy
  7. Paris – France

If you’re thinking of booking a holiday for next year, don’t forget to take out family travel insurance in advance

Date Created: 27 August 2015

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