Women suffer more than men from post-holiday blues

GirlWhile a holiday may be just what the average working Brit needs to re-charge their batteries, returning to work can often be a challenge. However, women were found to suffer from post-holiday blues significantly more than their male counterparts.

According to a survey of 1,000 customers by Auto Europe, 53% of women suffer during the conclusion of their holiday hype, while 29% admitted to feeling “demotivated” and “deflated” when arriving back in the UK.

Getting back to the daily grind

Meanwhile, men aren’t lagging too far behind, with 40% struggling to return home after a holiday in the sun.

However, unlike men, women also admit to feeling the “post-holiday slump” before they even turn their work computers on! A further 19% felt overwhelmed with stress upon their return to the office and 12% were anxious about getting back into the daily grind.

In order to combat these post-holiday blues, we Brits have a tendency to buy ourselves little presents, with 23% admitting to treating themselves to extravagant gifts or shopping online to boost their moods. More than a fifth of people will even book another holiday the minute they arrive in the UK to make themselves feel better.

A further one in 10 women will also indulge in eating sweet treats and a glass of wine to perk themselves up.

More time, less stress

A spokesman from Auto Europe commented that holidays are extremely important when it comes to recharging batteries and that it’s only natural we suffer from holiday blues upon our return to work.

Interestingly, Judi James, TV Behaviour Expert and Author of More Time Less Stress, advises that the answer to tackling post-holiday blues is to take even more time away from work when returning from holiday.

By taking an additional week off work after a trip away, individuals can merge some of their happy holiday experiences with their normal life, she added.

Ms James concludes that when Brits go back to work, it’s important to arrange weekend outings to keep their minds active.

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Date Created: 20 August 2015

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