Brits amongst the worst tippers while abroad

TippingFrugal Brits are among the worst tippers while on holiday but not quite as bad as their French neighbours, a recent survey claims.

A “tipping index” conducted by Direct Line Travel insurance researched 132 bars and restaurants in search for the worst tippers abroad at holiday hotspots including Barcelona, Paris, Las Vegas, Ibiza and Phuket.

Almost 30% of those bars and restaurants surveyed found French tourists to be worst at tipping, while British holidaymakers came in second place.

In fact, 21% of bars voted Brits the least generous when it came to tipping while Italians came in third with 11% of respondents calling them terrible tippers.

Best tippers

However, not everyone is quite so tight with their cash.

Unsurprisingly, Americans were voted as the most generous tippers with 27% of respondents naming them the best. German tourists were then the second best tippers at 21%.

Russian holidaymakers found themselves in third position for the most generous holidaymakers with 16% of the overall votes.

The research also found that the average tips which bars and restaurants received was 11%; Brits typically only give 7%.

Doing research

Tom Bishop, Head of Travel Insurance at Direct Line, said that tipping expectations vary hugely across the world and in turn, reflect different laws, cultures and attitudes.

Many holidaymakers feel awkward when it comes to tipping, especially when in a foreign country, he explained.

Mr Bishop advises that in order to avoid being in an uncomfortable situation or causing offence while abroad, holidaymakers should do their research into the tipping expectations of the country they’re visiting as practices will vary from location to location.

If you’re thinking of going abroad, research tipping customs and other traditions and ensure you have budget travel insurance arranged in advance to stay safe on your travels

Date Created: 13 August 2015

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