Men spend £400 on beauty treatments to go to Marbs

Beach HolidayIt isn’t just the guys from The Only Way Is Essex who love grooming, British men spend an average of £400 on beauty treatments and clothes before travelling to Marbella.

Gala Bingo investigated spending habits and found a staggering 19% of males spent over £400 on fake tanning and making themselves look beautiful in comparison to just 8% of women.

Investing in looking good

Originally conducted to compare the holiday prep habits of men and women, the study set out to find the most “Marbs” Brit.

Gala Bingo discovered that just over a quarter of respondents who visited the popular Spanish resort of Marbella spent £200-£300 on preparing themselves for the beach.

Rather than using this cash on transport costs or hotels it seems that Brits are more concerned with imitating the look of The Only Way Is Essex stars whilst sunning themselves in Spain.

According to The Daily Express, those travelling to Italy, Portugal and France spend considerably less than their Spanish-bound equivalents with an average amount of just £50 being used to get them beach-ready.

Enjoying the “glamour of Marbella”

Alison Digges, Brand Director at Gala Bingo, said that it’s incredibly “interesting” to see how popular TV programmes such as The Only Way is Essex are influencing British tourists.

She said that their research clearly showed how holidaymakers want to get the “glamour of Marbella” and look good while doing it – spending their cash on personal grooming as a result.

This can include anything from tanning to purchasing a new wardrobe and proves that such activities are no longer considered the preserve of women with more men prepared to invest in personal grooming before their holiday.

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Date Created: 07 August 2015

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