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Brits spend three hours a day worrying while abroad

Piggy Bank While an annual break away is meant to be the time to unwind and relax, worried Brits spend an average of three hours a day fretting about everything at home whilst away.

The study – commissions by Hozelock and launched by Aquasolo – found Brits feel anguish over everything from money and work to the house and garden while sunbathing on the beach.

Feeling apprehensive abroad

Almost half of us admitted to worrying whilst abroad with 10% experiencing these feelings to such extremes that it actually casts a shadow over the holiday.

The study found that some of the most common worries were over whether we had locked all of the doors before leaving our home and whether our house plants had enough water to keep them alive.

Being undermined by work colleagues, fears over being burgled and falling ill while on our break were also common amongst travellers with money worries also topping the list.

According to the data, this was the most prevalent concern for holidaymakers, closely followed by a fear of having our personal possessions stolen and overspending on gifts and treats before we return home.

Our worries don’t stop there either. The study also found that we spend a considerable amount of our holidays being concerned about the welfare of our pets too.

Top ten worries for British travellers

According to the study, our top ten worries while abroad are

  1. Money in general
  2. The safety of our belongings
  3. Overspending money / budgeting
  4. Burglaries at home
  5. The health of our relatives
  6. The health of our pets
  7. Falling ill while abroad
  8. Not having any saving money to return to
  9. Leaving the doors/ windows open at home
  10. Our workload on return

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Date Created: 06 August 2015

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