A third of Brits keep fit while abroad

Holiday ExerciseThe image of Brits sunning their beer-bellies on foreign beaches could be a thing of the past as a massive 39% if holidaymakers plan to exercise while on holiday this year.

The research, by Club Med, looked at the exercise habits of Brits while abroad and found that 44% of today’s holidaymakers are more likely to take part in gentle exercise to stay ship-shape on holiday than they would have five years ago.

Preventing the expansion of waistlines

For 27% of Brits, exercising on holiday means they can indulge in delicious foreign food without feeling guilty or seeing their waistlines expand.

Meanwhile, 16% enjoy exercise as a way to discover sports and activities that are not available in the UK and 11% use their holiday as an excuse to get fit with family and friends.

Social media plays a huge role in the decision to exercise for 11% of people who use celebs for inspiration while desires to look good in swimwear also played a part - although surprisingly this was a bigger motivation for men (28%) than for women (18%).

Almost one quarter (24%) of people are likely to work-out while on a family holiday compared to 16% who travel with friends and 19% who want to get fit with their partner.

Getting a tan and staying fit

While there seems to be an increase in demand for fitness while abroad, only 19% of Brits will rate the standard of gym equipment at their resort as “important” or “very important”.

Moreover, 36% of Brits said they would be more willing to work-out while on holiday if all gym equipment was in the sun and 20% said they would be tempted to join in the fun if they could get a tan at the same time.

The top ten activities Brits use to stay fit while on holiday are:

  1. Swimming
  2. Hiking
  3. Hotel gym equipment
  4. Tennis
  5. Scuba diving
  6. Yoga
  7. Team sports
  8. Golf
  9. Horse riding
  10. Skiing

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Date Created: 22 July 2015

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