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70% of Brits think about work while on holiday

OfficeWorkaholic Brits are struggling to leave their work at the office while on holiday, according to new research by Auto Europe.

74% of British holidaymakers from the South West of England have a tendency to think or worry about their job and responsibilities for an average of 41 minutes each day while sunning themselves on the beach, the study found.

Worrying Brits

These figures mean that during a 10-day trip abroad, we are guilty of spending up to seven hours worrying about the dilemmas we may face when we get back to the office.

For those who simply can’t switch off at all, 41% admit they check their emails while away and 22% actually reply to a few.

15% of anxious Brits also check their voicemail in case they have missed an important phone call while a further 12% constantly check their phone for both emails and calls.

The survey also considered why Brits worry so much about work and found that 26% feel they must keep on top of their workloads as there is no one else in the office that is able to do their job.

A further 26% admitted that they keep an eye on things while away due to a fear of falling behind.

Health and wellbeing

Worryingly, 23% of respondents claim to find it impossible to switch off from work while on holiday and prefer to keep an eye on what’s going on without them.

An additional 26% refuse to make themselves un-contactable while abroad as they worry about what may happen while they are not there and 13% actually fear losing their job.

Rui Alves, Head of Digital Marketing at Auto Europe, said that many Brits have high pressure work-lives which means taking a break on holiday is actually more important to their health and wellbeing.

Mr Alves concluded that it is crucial that workers take time out of the office to relax and ensure they don’t put themselves at risk of a complete burn-out.

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Date Created: 17 July 2015

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