Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones create holiday boom

Country SideOne quarter of Brits choose their holiday destination based on their favourite films and TV shows, a recent study of 2,000 adults has confirmed.

In the poll, commissioned by HBO Entertainment, one fifth of British holidaymakers admitted that they dream of visiting cities and countries used in their favourite programmes so they can snap a selfie at a famous spot.

Increasing tourism

Destinations used in the filming of hit franchises Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are surging in population to make New Zealand, Malta and Dorset thriving hotspots for tourists.

New Zealand –the location of Lord of the Rings – came top of the poll of film locations Brits while New York, which draws fans of Sex and the City, fell into second position.

HBO phenomenon Game of Thrones really stood out in the poll with locations from this popular show featuring three times within the top 10.

Viewers have been encouraged to travel to Northern Ireland, Malta and Iceland as a result of the much-loved fantasy series which Moyra Locke, Head of Marketing at Northern Ireland Screen, said had hugely impacted the country’s tourism.

Colin Smith, Director of HBO Home Entertainment UK, said that because movies and TV shows are now filmed all over the world, we get to see locations we wouldn’t consider visiting otherwise.

Top 10 holiday locations according to viewers

The full top 10 list of holiday destinations based on favourite TV shows and films according to the poll are:

  1. New Zealand – Lord of the Rings
  2. New York – Sex and the City
  3. Northern Ireland – Game of Thrones
  4. Las Vegas – The Hangover
  5. Dorset – Broadchurch
  6. Northumberland – Harry Potter
  7. Paris – Inception
  8. Spain – Benidorm
  9. Iceland – Game of Thrones
  10. Malta – Game of Thrones

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Date Created: 23 June 2015

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