Revealed: The top home comforts Brits take abroad

Tea bags are the most popular home comfort Brits take abroad with them on holiday, a recent survey by My Travel Cash payment card has revealed.

The poll of 1,000 holidaying Brits found that almost half of travellers will take their favourite teabags with them when they leave for a holiday while one in five will take their own coffee.

Brit TeaTo accompany the hot beverages, one in eight Brits will also pack their favourite biscuits and just over one in ten will take sugar or sweetener.

British luxuries taken abroad

Other popular items making their way into British suitcases include toilet paper – packed by one in eight travellers – and Marmite which 4% of those asked said they took with them.

A further 3% even admitted to adding a tin of baked beans to their holiday luggage while Bisto gravy granules, vinegar, mustard, cheddar cheese and Oxo cubes were also common items taken abroad.

The full top ten list of home comforts which we Brits are most likely to take abroad are:

  1. Teabags – 43%
  2. Coffee – 20%
  3. Biscuits – 12%
  4. Toilet paper – 12%
  5. Sugar/ sweetener – 11%
  6. Bacon – 5%
  7. Marmite – 4%
  8. Baked beans – 3%
  9. Mustard – 3%
  10. Ketchup – 2.5%

My Travel Cash also found that a staggering 99% of holidaying Brits go away abroad each year yet only one third will actually attempt to learn the native language of their destination.

If you are thinking of travelling abroad this year – with or without a few home comforts packed in your suitcase – then remember to book your cheap travel insurance in advance

Date Created: 22 June 2015

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