Millennials are savvier holidaymakers

Beach HolidayNew research by Neilson has shown package holidays by the beach remain extremely popular amongst younger, savvier holidaymakers.

The research – which polled 2,000 consumers – found that 60% of travellers aged 21-35 years would consider booking a beach package holiday to top up their tan while a further 14% were unsure what they would choose to do.

Only one quarter of those interviewed said they would not consider this type of holiday at all.

Holiday essentials for the millennial generation

Overall, the millennial generation was found to have differing expectations of package holidays when compared to older counterparts.

Almost 75% of millennials ranked a beach as the most important holiday essential while the more traditional elements of a package holiday, such as organised holiday reps and a self contained resort, were less appealing.

Younger generations showed more interest towards cultural and active pursuits while on their travels with almost 40% saying that local excursions were important to a beach package holiday.

A further 27% said that daily activities including cycling, water sports and tennis were deal-breakers when it came to choosing a holiday provider.

Holiday bugbears

When it came to what millennials didn’t want on their holiday, poor quality daily buffets topped the list alongside being surrounded by large crowds of other travellers.

Being bored was also a big turn off for youngsters who crave constant entertainment.

Andy Furlong, Sales and Marketing Director at Neilson, said that this survey highlights that the younger generation are a great deal savvier than previous generations when it comes to choosing whether a holiday is right for them.

“They understandably want sunshine in a great location at an affordable price, but increasingly they also want to be active, try their hand at new things and experience a different culture,” he added.

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Date Created: 16 June 2015

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