Brits are named Europe’s biggest beach bores

Europe Beach British holidaymakers have been named the most boring things on Europe’s beaches, according to a poll conducted by

Despite our love of beach breaks and sun-kissed holidays, the survey found that most British tourists are considered “dull” when they lounge on the sand.

As many as one third of British beach lovers said they felt unhappy if their partner sunbathed topless and adopted a more prudish attitude towards “beach antics”.

In contrast, European travellers from Spain, Germany and Italy are far more open-minded and liberal when it comes to activities on the sand.

A surprising 16% of Spaniards and 11% of Germans are tempted to go commando whilst on the beach while 16% of Spaniards and 14% of Italians like to get romantic in the sand.

More traditional pursuits, such as building sand sculptures, also made the list of common activities and were enjoyed by 21% of Spaniards and 19% of Italians.

Social habits

The poll also considered which tourists were the most social when at the beach – placing Italians and Germans in the top two positions with 42% and 35% respectively.

Germans were also found to be the biggest beach flirts, alongside the Spanish, while other trends surrounding social media use were noted.

A surprising 6% of Italians and Spaniards shared secret photographs they took of sunbathers on social media but the selfie craze remained the most popular beach activity for Europeans with 38% of Spanish and 32% of Italian holidaymakers snapping themselves on the sand.

Yet, while European tourists enjoyed these activities in high numbers, Brits consistently achieved the lowest scores out of all the countries polled to make us the official beach bores.

On a positive side, Brits were found to be the least vain when holidaying at the beach – a title shared with Germany – and are also the least likely to fake tan, hit the gym or lose weight ahead of a holiday.

More than half (54%) of Brits also say they are extremely confident about their beach body and a similar percentage admits they would sunbathe naked.

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Date Created: 12 June 2015

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