The world’s first underwater oxygen bar has opened


The world’s first underwater oxygen bar has opened

The world’s first underwater oxygen bar has opened its doors at Carnival’s Puerta Maya port in Cozumel, Mexico.

This new underwater lounge allows guests to breath in enriched oxygen while playing a variety of games in a huge freestanding 13,000 gallon tank of water.

An innovative underwater attraction

All visitors must wear specially designed clear diving helmets where they will receive an “invigorating” mixture of an aromatherapy scent of their choice and clear oxygen to keep them on their feet while enjoying themselves.

This “innovative attraction” comes with a professional bartender who serves up a variety of oxygen infused fruit smoothies, giving visitors the perfect drink to complement their Jenga game.

Holidaymakers can also try target practise with the range of high powered bubble guns that are readily available for use.

The underwater bar also comes fully fitted with a number of write-on message boards throughout the tank and underwater photo booths; with props including moustaches and lips for guests to play around with.

However, while this bar seems fantastic fun, there is also thought to be a vast amount of health benefits to be gained by breathing in a higher concentration of oxygen for a short period of time.

Holidaymakers can expect to witness a boost to their immune system, reduced stress, enhanced levels of concentration and an increase in energy and alertness, while also lessening the effects of hangovers.

Jim Mayfield, President of Sub Sea Systems said the organisation is “excited” to introduce such an “innovative underwater attraction”.

“We see experiences as one of the hottest trends in entertainment,” he said. “Clear Lounge is truly a unique social novelty. It's incredibly fun, memorable, and an activity guests are excited to share and talk about.”

The tank is only available for those above the age of eight and tickets can be purchased for $38 (£25) per person.

If you’re interested in taking a trip to this underwater bar, remember to book worldwide travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 13 May 2015

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