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Report lists top allergy-prone destinations


Travel AllergiesKnoxville, Tennessee, has been voted as the top allergy-prone holiday destination in a recent report conducted by Treated.com

With over 21 million people in the UK suffering from the effects of pollen, dust mites and animals, Treated.com investigated which destinations were known for being high in allergens and created their top five list of allergy-prone destinations.

While they stressed the importance of knowing which locations present greater risks to sufferers, they also emphasised how crucial it is not to let allergies hold you back on holiday.

This means researching destinations carefully and, if visiting an allergy-prone area, ensuring that the necessary precautionary measures are taken.

Top five allergy prone cities

Looking at each of their top five allergy-prone destinations in more detail, Treated.com offered advice to travellers interested in visiting these areas.

1. Knoxville, Tennessee

Located in the south of the USA, Tennessee is named one of the most challenging places to live in or visit for those with allergies by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Treated.com advises holidaymakers wishing to see Knoxville in full bloom to follow AAFA advice by wearing sunglasses, keeping windows closed and showering regularly.

2. London, UK

England’s capital city takes second place for being allergy-prone according to Allergy UK.

They estimate that one fifth of London’s population suffer with a pollen allergy at some point in their life and therefore limiting exposure to outdoor areas on days with a high pollen count and taking necessary treatments if suffering from allergies is important.

3. Singapore

Singapore, also known as “Garden City”, takes third place based on statistics from The National University of Singapore which claim 15% of the population has asthma and almost 40% are diagnosed with allergic rhinitis.

Treated.com advises those suffering from pollen allergies to visit the stunning city during their summer season and not during rainy season.

4. Louisville, Kentucky

With such a high pollen count that the streets have been known to turn yellow, Louisville is ranked fourth for obvious reason.

Treated.com advices holidaymakers to keep an eye on the daily pollen count before planning activities.

5. Australia

Australia is the ideal destination for many British travellers but comes fifth in the list of allergy prone destinations due to the large amount of nuts which their traditional foods contain.

Travellers are advised to read labels and allergy advice before ordering food in restaurants or shopping in food stores.

If you’re planning on travelling abroad this year, it is important to ensure you have both your anti-allergy medication and worldwide travel insurance organised in advance to keep you protected


Date Created: 21 April 2015

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