British Airways makes long-haul flights more relaxing

Plane FlightBritish Airways has launched a new Mindfulness Programme to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation during long-haul flights for travellers.

The Mindfulness for Travel series was originally launched in line with the new Airbus A380 service between London and San Francisco; a service which has become known for its “laid back Californian vibes”.

A positive state of mind for all travellers

This new Mindfulness Programme is set to provide relaxation techniques, meditation and healthy flying tips to promote a positive state of mind for all travellers on the plane.

British Airways worked alongside mindfulness expert Mark Coleman to develop techniques and methods to ensure pure relaxation during the longest flights.

Coleman, also the founder of the Mindfulness Institute, created a number of videos with British Airways which are tailored to pre-flight, mid-flight and pre-arrival exercises and techniques.

All onboard passengers will have the ability to view these videos at their leisure with Coleman recommending they wear comfortable clothing, moderate the amount of alcohol they consume and try to eat lighter meals while onboard.

He also adds that gentle exercise, such as stretching, during the flight is beneficial to ensuring passengers are as relaxed as possible.

The relaxation guru has also recommended strategic napping times for passengers which are available while onboard.

Embrace the spirit of travel

Coleman added that “embracing the spirit of travel involves living fully in the moment, which can be cultivated through mindful practice”.

The video series created will allow travellers to “develop the clarity” and “focus” necessary to get the very most out of all long-haul travel experiences, he said.

With a vast majority of British flyers admitting to being scared of flying abroad, especially when it comes to long-haul flights, this initiative is set to help travel-phobes relax while in the sky.

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Date Created: 17 April 2015

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