Direct flights from UK to Australia set to be introduced

Travelling to AustraliaPassengers looking to fly from the UK to Australia will be pleased to know that a direct flight is set to be introduced, with planes re-fuelling mid-air.

The European Union are set to fund the new direct flights from the UK to Australia in a plight to meet increasing consumer demands.

Re-fuelling planes mid-air

This funding will allow commercial planes to travel from the UK to Australia without having to stop to re-fuel.

Planes will have the ability to re-fuel mid-air without having to land; an initiative set to reduce the amount of fuel consumed by up to 25%.

As it stands, the fuel alone accounts for a third of the weight a plane carries when flying on long flights during take-off.

While this system is currently in place for military planes, this will be the first time it will be implemented for commercial use and will be able to refuel up to seven passenger aircrafts.

A huge reduction in fuel consumption

Bart Heesbeen, Senior Research and Development Engineer at the National Aerospace Laboratory located in Amsterdam, added that the largest advantage of this new plan is the significant amount of fuel that can be saved.

Having been in experimentation with pilots from around the world for a number of months, the organisation has concluded that the system can be implemented safety following feedback.

Pilots will be able to operate the plane safely during the mid-air manoeuvre to refuel “with a highly automated fuel control system”, Heesbeen said.

Commercial planes which will be used for these flights have been in development since 2011 with in-flight trials set to take place shortly.

With this experience set to be the very first of its kind, UK certainly passengers have something to be excited about.

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Date Created: 10 April 2015

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