Payment security is main concern for 97% of Brits when travelling abroad

Payment OnlinePayment and website security has been named as top concerns by British travellers booking holiday retreats abroad, according to research by payment company Worldpay.

In their survey of 250 online travel shoppers, Worldpay spoke to people in 14 different countries and across 25 of the top travel booking sites to identify key trends.

After security, reassurance was the second most important factor travellers looked for with payment methods featuring in third.

Travellers seek reassurance

Understandably, the vast majority of travellers sought reassurance at every stage of the booking process.

A massive 97% of British online buyers feel it is extremely important for travel sites to explain each stage of the payment process as booking as made while 57% of all respondents said they’d be more likely to book with an online firm which displayed payment authentication and digital logos clearly.

Unfortunately, a massive 86% of travel firms fail to do this – meaning that they could be putting their customer base at risk.

Three fifths (60%) of Brits also said they’d stop the checkout process if they payment method they expected to see was not available – something just over half (51%) of all respondents would do.

60% of UK travellers would also drop out of the checkout process if the payment method they were expecting to use after seeing it on the sites homepage was not available.

Brits have been found to be a great deal more demanding than travellers around the world, with 51% of the other respondents noting they would drop out at this stage.

Almost 25% of respondents worldwide stated they would leave the checkout process if their preferred payment method was unavailable simply because of a cluttered or untidy webpage.

Transparency at the checkout

Thomas Helldorff, Vice President of Travel at Worldpay, explained that these statistics are understandable given that many customers require assurance and security throughout the payment process.

The fact that personal information and often large sums of money are being exchanged necessitates the need for high level security and Helldorff said that these findings highlight how “the online payments journey is inextricably linked to the user experience”.

Travel firms must reassure users that their payments are safe and secure, he said, and offer maximum transparency wherever possible to ensure customers feel happy and safe in their booking.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, it’s important to ensure you have last minute travel insurance before you take off

Date Created: 09 April 2015

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