Tenerife and Majorca are top destinations for Brits abroad

Couple AbroadDespite Brits becoming more adventurous when it comes to holidaying abroad, most of us still desire the miniature Britain feel provided by traditional destinations such as Tenerife and Majorca.

According to a new report by Holiday Hypermarket, 25% of Brits book a holiday abroad without even knowing where it is on the map; choosing destinations that serve fry ups and speak the English language.

Adding a new dimension to the abroad experience

The survey of 2,000 individuals found that four in ten admitted to basing their destination of choice on photographs they had seen online or in magazines.

Amongst the most important priorities when being abroad was shopping, finding an Irish bar and getting a photograph with a landmark to show off to friends.

When it came to the language barrier, 21% of Brits claimed they wouldn’t need to learn the language as “everyone speaks English”.

A spokesman from Holiday Hypermarket noted that whilst Spain is still the most popular location for holidaying Brits, the likes of Iceland, Croatia and Germany are gaining fans.

This uptake is slow though with the spokesman explaining that the results of the survey “still show a reluctance in many [people] to step out of their comfort zone when in a foreign country”.

While this can help to ensure holidays are relaxing and fun, Holiday Hypermarket were keen to stress how immersing yourself in the local culture while on holiday “can really add a new dimension to the experience” and make holidays even better.

The most popular locations

When looking at the most popular destinations for holidaying Brits, Tenerife, Majorca and France were unsurprising winners.

A fifth of those surveyed added that they would rather stay in a hotel in a tourist area than visit a lesser known location and experience the city through a local’s eyes.

Brits also admitted that learning about their location of choice was not top of their list of priorities.

Instead, tanning by the pool and shopping made the top of the list with visiting bars and having fun at water parks also ranking highly on the holiday agenda.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip abroad this year, it’s important to ensure you have specialist travel insurance arranged in advance

Date Created: 01 April 2015

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