Tourico Holidays becomes first travel wholesaler to pre-book activities

Theme ParkTourico Holidays has announced it will pre-buy activity and attraction tickets to provide customers with discounted rates and improved availability.

The holiday wholesaler has publicised its new plan to pre-book tickets to ensure customers receive heavily discounted rates along with a vast amount of flexible dates – last minute availability will also be ensured.

Last minute availability in high demand markets

Tourico Holidays has seen year-on-year growth due to its unique methods of pre-booking blocks of rooms at popular hotel resorts.

The global wholesaler has now transferred this concept to purchasing tickets for activities and attractions near to the resorts.

As a result, this new method will provide travel distributers with a larger profit margin and ensure holidaymakers can get the most for their money, as tickets will be hugely discounted.

The Executive Vice President of Global Activities for Tourico Holidays, Ofir Cohen, explained:

 “Tourico’s not only offering discounts on ancillary products of up to 42% off of retail, we’re also ensuring our clients have access to last minute availability – even in high-demand markets.”

One of the largest travel inventories in the industry

As a result, Tourico Holidays has secured one of the largest inventories of attractions and activities in the travel industry – with more than 5,400 attractions and activities in 937 cities around the world.

The holiday wholesaler has also ensured that these attractions are simple for the customer to find and locate by searching via location, star rating, category and date, on their website.

Cohen added that this new method of selling provides larger margins for clients, differentiating themselves from their competition in the market.

The most sought after attractions and activities can now be purchased by the company’s travellers at “heavily discounted prices”, said Cohen.

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Date Created: 30 March 2015

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