Holidays are the key to happiness, new research reveals

Happy HolidayThe long awaited question of what makes Brits happy has finally been answered with claims that holidays are our key to happiness.

According to the latest report by independent travel firm Travel Counsellors, Brits put holidays at the top of the agenda when seeking happiness.

This report, which polled 350 Brits, comes as we approach the celebration of International Happiness Day on 20 March.

The holiday experience

The report revealed that a staggering 83% of Brits questioned believe a holiday would make them happiest, with buying a new home coming in second place (12%) and a promotion at work (4%) in third position.

Further to these findings, 98% of those asked commented that a holiday was absolutely essential to their happiness levels and as a result it was crucial that one was booked every year.

The survey also questioned what it was about going on holiday that made Brits so happy – with the most popular answer being the opportunity to relax and de-stress from normal life and responsibilities (39%).

Other top reasons for taking a holiday to boost happiness included:

  • Getting the opportunity to spend time with family and friends (29%)

  • Enjoying the chance to experience a new culture (20%)

  • Taking advantage of hot weather (12%)

Managing Director from Travel Counsellors Steve Byrne commented that these results demonstrate exactly how much the British public value their holidays. 

He also commented on the fact that holidays represent a time when people can leave their stressful lives at home; something deemed more important than simply enjoying hot weather.

Booking the holiday

The report also looked at what was important to British holidaymakers when it came to booking their trip away.

The findings found that a huge 69% said that booking with a company they completely trusted was essential to making their trip a happy one. This came top of the list with expert advice and price coming in at second and third respectively.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year to find your key to happiness, it is important to ensure you have family travel insurance booked in advance.

Date Created: 20 March 2015

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