UK holidaymakers are top tourists for the USA, according to new report

USA FlagThe USA has enjoyed a significant rise in the number of British and Irish holidaymakers visiting the country with a record 34.4 million tourists choosing to holiday in the States.

Visitor numbers from both Ireland and the UK rose 8% since 2013, according to a new report published by the US Under Secretary of Commerce and International Trade Stefan Selig.

Brits show love over the pond

Britain provided the USA with 4 million tourists in 2014 contributing to a 3.6% rise on a yearly basis.  This makes the UK the top market for tourists visiting the USA – excluding Mexico and Canada.

Meanwhile travel from Ireland to the USA also rose to a staggering 395,037 visits during 2014 contributing to a 7% increase in comparison to 2013.

The report believes that the increase in marketing efforts by the Brand USA resulted in a record breaking 75 million holidaymakers journeying there from the UK and Ireland during 2014.

Expanding market efforts

Chief Executive of Brand USA, Christopher Thompson, explained that the company are extremely proud and excited by the latest increase in visitors to the USA.

“We are grateful for the continued support of our partners and look forward to expanding our marketing efforts in 2015 to further drive international travel to the USA,” he continued.

It is hoped that this trend of increased visitor numbers to the USA will continue long into the future and support further growth within the country’s tourism industry.

Travel operator Thompson noted that they are one step closer to their company goal of welcoming 100 million international tourists into the country; hoping to hit this figure by as early as 2021.

Given the recent statistics, British and Irish holidaymakers will be pivotal in this ambition and could help to drive more competitive prices for transatlantic holidays to the USA.

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Date Created: 18 March 2015

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