Ryanair to open transatlantic route claiming fares as low as £10

statue of libertyAs part of an ambitious five year plan to grow their business, Ryanair has announced they intend to offer flights between Europe and the USA with fares potentially costing as little as £10.

Providing their customers with access to top destinations including New York, Boston, Chicago and Miami, the airline says their transatlantic routes could open in as little as four or five years’ time.

European departure points will originally be from airports including London Stansted, Dublin and Berlin with a total of 14 European and 14 American cities being linked together.

A logical development

In a statement released by a Ryanair spokesman, the decision to expand into the transatlantic market was described as a “logical development” for the industry and the company.

“European consumers want lower-cost travel to the USA and the same for Americans coming to Europe,” they said.

“We see it as a logical development in the European market.”

If successful, the plans will open up a wave of new opportunities for holidaymakers looking to get the most from their time away.

Known for their cheap fares, Ryanair could offer flights to the USA as cheaply as £10 for a one-way fare according to their proposal.

This would provide great value for money for transatlantic travellers but before the firm can push ahead with their plans they must first secure a deal to purchase long-haul passenger aircraft.

Confirming they are already in talks with manufacturers, Ryanair did not say whether any deals were under negotiation as of yet but there is strong hope something will be secured in the new future.

As one of the most profitable flight routes, transatlantic services are undoubtedly a keen area of interest for airlines.

For Ryanair to achieve success with their offering they’ll need to challenge the dominance of airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines.

If you are planning to enjoy transatlantic travel then it is important that you arrange long-haul travel insurance before you depart to protect you on your journey.

Date Created: 17 March 2015

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