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France and Spain are top choices for solo women travellers

Solo TravelTravelzoo has released an infographic revealing the most popular destinations for solo female travellers to explore with European hotspots like France and Spain coming out on top.

According to their data, 60% of women are happy to travel the world on their own nowadays with one fifth of those aged 35-44 years keen to do so in order to “find themselves”.

Top travel destinations

More than just recording a growing trend in solo travel, the infographic also highlights the top holiday destinations solo women are heading to on their travels.

France and Spain were unsurprising winners while other traditionally “safe” destinations such as the USA and Canada also featured in the top five list which looks as follows:

  1. France

  2. Spain

  3. Canada

  4. Italy

  5. USA

On the other side of the coin, solo females remained hesitant about visiting some countries without a companion due to fears over safety. They top five countries which made the most cautious list were:

  1. Egypt

  2. Kenya

  3. Gambia

  4. Saudi Arabia

  5. South Africa

Safety first

Worryingly, the report also found that 40% of women didn’t take any safety precautions before venturing abroad alone while 70% rely solely on the internet for recommendations of where to go.

Travelzoo advises all travellers to think carefully before they jet off without a travel buddy and ensure they complete sufficient research into their destination beforehand.

Tourism offices are an ideal source of information that should be utilised once abroad and travellers should also check that their mobile phone will work abroad and inform their bank and credit card companies of their travel plans.

Making a photocopy of passports and other important documents before departing is also highly recommended for any type of traveller but especially those holidaying alone.

If you’re thinking of becoming a solo traveller, ensure you have single trip travel insurance arranged well in advance to help keep you safe.

Date Created: 10 March 2015

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