Holidaying Brits put bad stereotypes to bed

Holidaying BritsBritish travellers are shunning their traditional stereotypes whilst on holiday by avoiding social media and seeking culture and education over sunbeds, a recent survey has claimed.

According to the poll of 2,000 holidaying Brits conducted by – an online marketplace for hosted accommodation – a massive 70% of travellers want to return home from their holiday with a greater understanding of the country they’ve visited.

Three quarters of Brits also want to have learned and used 15 phrases in the local language correctly whilst away; the polar opposite of the traditional image of a Brit abroad.

The perfect British holiday

As well as swapping sunbeds for museums and making an effort to learn the native language, Brits are also keen to sample local delicacies.

The survey revealed that the perfect British holiday involves tasting at least six local dishes whilst away and proves that British tastebuds are maturing.

As well as discovering local cuisine, Brits are also keen to top up their cultural experiences whilst on holiday by aiming to visit a minimum of five attractions.

Somewhat surprising, only 14% of those questioned said they would want to befriend a fellow Brit whilst on holiday – a fact which goes against the traditional image of British holidaymakers grouping together.

Another surprise finding from the survey was the ambivalence towards social media; despite the frequency with which holiday photos are posted on sites including Facebook and Instagram, two fifths of Brits said they actually wanted to leave social media at home when away.

Alan Clarke,’s CEO, commented on the findings by highlighting how British priorities have changed when it comes to their holidays with more people looking to move away from traditional stereotypes which don’t always paint a positive picture.

“Millions of Brits now want to explore the country they’re visiting and really learn about their destination, as opposed to just lounging by the pool and topping up their tans,” he said.

This could also explain why respondents put the optimum length of a holiday at 10 days instead of the traditional one week option which most people might associate with a British holiday.

If you are planning to explore new cultures on the perfect British holiday this year then it is important to arrange suitable worldwide travel insurance before you leave.

Date Created: 27 February 2015

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