Bristol named Britain’s most punctual airport

As previous flight punctuality rankings have revealed, arriving at our desired destination on time is by no means a given for modern day travellers.

Now, new research by aviation analysts OAG has taken the guess work out of which airports and airlines tick the boxes relating to on track flight times, with Bristol airport taking the crown when it comes to airports in Britain. Checking Flight Times

OAG’s research revealed that Bristol saw an impressive 94.4% of their flights take off or land within 15 minutes of the scheduled time in 2014, pushing ahead of punctuality records for other major airports.

In comparison, these figures were a lower 75.5% for Heathrow and 60.1% for Gatwick – both of which fall under the international average take off and departure rate for airports covered by OAG. This stands at 79.95%.

When it came to individual airlines, easyJet topped the ranking with the highest one time record (87.7%).

This was followed by Monarch (86.9%), Jet2 (84.7%), Virgin Atlantic (81.1%) and British Airways (77.3%). The international average for airlines covered by the OAG is 77.98%.

Commenting on the figures, John Grant, OAG executive vice-president, said:

“In a world of increasing transparency, immediate information and action, flight status and punctuality data has an increasingly important role to play in all of our planning.

“Everyone from the fuelling company to the catering supplier to the traveller wants access to timely, accurate information.”

Which? Travel research released at the end of last year revealed that one in five flights to and from 10 UK airports don't depart according to schedule, with the definition of 'on time' ranging from early to less than 15 minutes late.

The airline with the least delayed flights was revealed to be Flybe with average delays of 10 minutes for flights to the UK between September 2013 and August 2014.

Monarch and Thomas Cook were also revealed to be the only two airlines in the research that didn't meet the definition of 'on time' - ranging from being early to less than 15 minutes late. Here, average delays stand at figures of 17 minutes and 18 minutes respectively.

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Date Created: 08 January 2015

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