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The Azores named most sustainable destination in world ranking

Short BreakMinimising the impact we have on destinations around the world has increasingly become a top priority for seasoned travellers. For those globetrotters who are keen to give a nod to their green status in 2015, the Azores could be just the place to do it.

Made up of nine volcanic islands and one of two autonomous regions of Portugal, the Azores achieved the highest score in the top 100 ranking of world sustainable green destinations for 2014, with an impressive 8.9 out of 10 points in its overall score.

The archipelago’s combined score included a score for measures of green tourism policy, nature, environment, society, culture and green economy.

“The Global Top 100 aims to recognize tourism destinations that have worked hard to make a difference and take sustainability seriously,” said Albert Salman program director.

“These 100 destinations stand out for making meaningful and measurable progress in their individual journeys toward greater sustainability,” added Randy Durband CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The Azores has earned its green credentials with policies that aim to tap into the power of renewable energies, wind, geothermic and biomass – currently responsible for generating 28% of energy in the Azores.

Outlining these sustainable measures in greater detail, a description from the online tour operator; Responsible Travel reads in the following way:

‘The Azores makes effective use of renewable geothermal energy, and its main industries include agriculture, dairy farming, livestock ranching, fishing, and tourism. Only around 5% of the Azores' ground is 'built-up' urbanized area, and the number of regulations and protected areas (which include UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and UNESCO European Geoparks) is continually rising, thanks in no small part to the importance placed on the environment in schools.’

Other Portuguese destinations also claimed a top place in the ranking and this included Cascais-Estoril, Lagos and the West Region (Oeste) in mainland Portugal.

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Date Created: 07 January 2015

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