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Men want Aston Martins; women want Range Rovers- survey reveals holiday car hire wish list

Holidays normally provide the perfect opportunity to leave our daily routines behind and fully embrace the more fuss free formula of sun, sea and sand.

However, according to the latest research some holidaymakers are unwilling to forgo their luxe tastes, even while away from home - with nothing but five-star treatment cutting the mustard for anything from hotels to exclusive beach bars.

Car HireResearch conducted by Skyscanner reveals that this penchant for the finer things in our holiday lives also extends to our hire cars. Aston Martins and Jaguars topped the list of preferred holiday drives for men (19%), while women would rather opt for a stint behind the wheel of a Range Rover or Jeep (39%) whilst exploring their destination of choice.

It isn't just the exterior of a car that matters when getting us from one culture packed city to another, a hire car's interiors also have to make the grade to ensure car journeys are as comfortable as possible. After all - we don't want a lumpy seat or overheated interior distracting us from those stunning holiday vistas.

The list of most important car options read as follows:

  • Air conditioning - 39%
  • Fuel efficiency - 23%
  • Sat nav - 16%
  • Convertible - 8%
  • Four-by-four - 6%
  • Radio/iPod connection - 6%
  • Parking sensors - 1%

Electric windows - 1%Further insights from the research revealed the 'dream' car hire features that holidaymakers would like to see in their vehicles while on a stint abroad. For men this was a James Bond-like amphibious car (19%), while twice as many women as men went for the more within reach option of an in-car coffee machine.

What would be top of your 'must have' list when it comes to car hire vehicles? Would style win out over substance?

If you are planning to explore the continent and beyond in your hire vehicle, it's important to organise car hire insurance in advance.




Date Created: 02 December 2014

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