A taste of home...tea tops list of holiday essentials once again

Picture the scene - you've just landed on a sun-kissed isle ready to embrace the holiday spirit in all its glory. But rather than supping on a glass of Rioja as the sun goes down, you find yourself rustling through your suitcase in search of a good old fashioned cup of builders.

Drinking TeaYes that's right, we may have travelled thousands of miles in search of the exotic, but that doesn't mean us Brits are ready to be parted from our daily cuppas - even if it means looking out of place among the cocktail set.

According to research conducted by Monarch airlines, teabags top the list of Brits' must-have holiday essentials, with a selection of our favourite biscuits (5th) and our favourite mug or tea cup (10th) also featuring in the top ten ranking.

The list of items we just can't do without when we're sunning ourselves on foreign shores continues with the following items:

2. Coffee

3. Pillow

4. Toilet roll

6. Photos of friends, family or pets

7. Full-size iron

8. Brown sauce

9. Tomato sauce

A spokesperson for Monarch Airlines said:

"As a nation, the British like to be prepared for every eventuality and nothing demonstrates this better than the select items we take with us when we’re off on holiday and away from home comforts."

Earlier this year research by Morrisons also revealed that a box of English breakfast tea comes first in a top ten list of ‘can’t travel without it’ items for holidaying Brits.

A spokesman from Morrisons said:

“It can be tricky to beat our home comforts and a good cup of British tea tastes even better with the sand beneath your feet.”

What essential English items would you be lost without on holiday?

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Date Created: 27 November 2014

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