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Expedia includes airline ratings in search results

If you've ever wondered what turns a flight from good to great, then a new feature on Expedia's search results could come in handy.

Expedia includes airline ratings in search resultsThe travel site has entered into a licensing agreement with Routehappy - the product attribute platform for air travel- giving it full access to its flight scores and ratings through an API (application programming interface).

This will mean that as well as being able to asses flights based on price, travellers will also get an insight into the airline's onboard experience including whether or not an airline offers amenities such as Wi-Fi.

According to Greg Schulze, senior vice president, Global Tour & Transport at Expedia Inc, the partnership enables Expedia to present “valuable information to help travellers make the most informed decision possible".

“This benefits both our customers and our partners as it allows travellers an easier way to find the flight experience that best fits their needs,” Schulze says.

In an example cited on skift.com; while the cheapest flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo was offered by Cathay Pacific, a 4.7 Routehappy rating combined with a 29-hour flight may have travellers thinking again. In contrast, while the same flight with United Airlines is more expensive, flying time is cut to just 12 hours while the airline achieves an 8.1 Routehappy rating.

“Cathay Pacific is cheapest but takes almost 29 hours and United flies a new 787 nonstop packed with amenities,” a Routehappy spokesperson says.

Earlier this year US discount travel site priceline.com began testing the use of Routehappy’s ratings in its iOS apps. Here travellers could even filter flights based on ratings such as ‘Happiest’ or ‘Happy & Cheap’.

“The test on Priceline’s iPhone app has concluded for now,” says a Routehappy spokesperson, adding that “Routehappy remains in active discussions with online travel agencies and metas worldwide for integration of Scores & Happiness Factors on their sites.”

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Date Created: 11 November 2014

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