Survey reveals improvement in reputation of Brits abroad

Holidaying Brits haven’t always had the most positive of reputations abroad, but it seems that things are looking up when it comes to the way that UK travellers are now perceived by locals.

According to a new survey by, the last three years has seen a dramatic improvement in the way that British holidaymakers conduct themselves on their overseas stay, with improvements recorded in their behaviour and tipping habits.

Questioning 500 hotel staff from countries including Spain, Portugal and Turkey, the survey revealed that almost two-thirds (65%) of hotel staff found Brits to be more generous tippers.

Over half of survey participants also argued that Brits on holiday are now more polite than they were three years ago, while 71% noted that they were better behaved in general.

However, the news wasn’t all good for Brits in the sun, with just over half (52%) of hotel staff arguing that Brits drink to excess when on their annual breaks.

Commenting on the figures, Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, said: “It's great that holidaymakers from the UK are finally getting a better reputation abroad. For too long, we've been known for our overly patriotic outfits, our stingy tips and 24-hour drinking culture.

“Perhaps we're still known for our ability to put away ten pints before lunch, but at least hotel staff around the world have noticed a change and people are being more courteous!”

UK travellers have come a long way

Brits were voted the worst global tourists in a 2011 poll conducted by Skyscanner, taking the number one spot in categories including ‘not attempting (to speak the) language’, ‘being drunk and disorderly’, ‘not trying the local cuisine’ and ‘not tipping’.

Commenting at the time, Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor said:

“The vast majority of British travellers are well-behaved while abroad, and do try to embrace aspects of the local culture, customs and language. But it seems that the stereotype of the loud, lairy, drunken Brit, sunburned and stumbling from bar to bar in Spain, remains the way we perceive some of our fellow countrymen to behave while on holiday.”

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Date Created: 21 October 2014

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