Travellers increasingly booking holidays with mobile devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets give us the freedom to carry out our everyday to-do lists on the go. From booking the weekly shop on the morning commute to glancing at our bank statements over a morning coffee, there is very little in the modern world that can’t be done with a quick swipe of our mobile devices.

Now new research performance advertising company Criteo has revealed that holidaymakers are also turning to their mobile devices in a bid to book their intrepid adventures in a flash.

Their figures show that travel firms have seen a 20% leap in mobile bookings in the first six months of 2014, in contrast to a 2% jump in desktop bookings in the first half of the year.

The research also revealed some interesting trends amongst mobile users. It found that when compared to users of other devices iPad owners spent an average of over $600 more on holiday packages.

Android users were also the most likely set aside the largest portion of their travel budget for flights.

Further figures showed that as a whole mobile users were 21% more likely to book air travel, and mobile car rentals. However, desktop users continued to outpace mobile users when it came to hotel bookings, recording a 30% increase in this area.

Jason Morse, vice president, mobile product at Criteo, said: "Mobile is the driving force behind the exponential growth in online travel booking and sales, and that’s only set to continue in the second half of this year and beyond.

"With smartphones and tablets in nearly every consumer’s hands today, travel marketers need to think strategically about developing a highly effective omni-channel marketing experience. That means ensuring the entire consumer experience - from the ads to shopping carts - is mobile optimised."

On a regional basis Asia Pacific led the way when it came to mobile travel bookings, taking up 20% of the market. This is twice that of countries such as Germany and Brazil.

If you are heading off on holiday, remember that you can often book your travel insurance via mobile devices.

Date Created: 18 September 2014

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