Tetley seeks out 2 tea lovers for the tea-tasting trip of a lifetime

When it comes to contenders for the best job in the world, it seems that another ‘role of a lifetime’ has slipped into the ranks courtesy of Tetley.

The tea giant is on the hunt for two-cuppa loving intrepid travellers to head out to Kenya and Malawi to India, Tanzania and Uganda to sample hundreds of different varieties of Brit’s much loved brew.

Described as 'arguably the best job in the country, but one that not many know exists', this is surely a job offer that is set to tingle the taste buds of tea aficionados the world over.

The graduate trainee buyer position has a list of requirements beyond a penchant for high quality tea leaves, and this includes commercial awareness, curiosity, good numerical, verbal reasoning skills and good communication skills.

More detail about the role continues as follows:

'The role is tailored to the specific needs of the business at the time of placement and are continuously changing so travel opportunities will vary by graduate.

'Applicants need to have a cultural and commercial awareness as well a strong planning, organisational and analytical skills.

'Above all, applicants must be passionate about the role, have a desire to travel the world and, of course, a love of tea.’

As well as heading to tea estates in far flung locations, successful applicants are also promised training to 'develop their palate and hone their tasting ability'.

Earlier this year Andrew Smith from California, US, won a contest to become the "Chief Funster" for the state of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia on an impressive salary of £56,000.

Explaining what his envy-inducing job will entail he said at the time: "My schedule through to the end of June is jam-packed with great events and travel experiences.

"I'm going to be climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, swimming with dolphins in Port Stephens, attending the world premiere of Strictly Ballroom: The Musical, and being part of the much-anticipated Vivid Sydney Festival.”

Date Created: 10 September 2014

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