ABI offers advice to travellers in event of volcanic eruption

Following a small eruption 28 miles away from Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano yesterday (September 1st) morning, Iceland's Met Office has raised the aviation warning code in relation to a potential Bárðarbunga eruption to red.

The colour code is the highest in the range and an upgrade from the previously stated orange code. The latest eruption, which follows an earlier one in roughly the same area last Friday, means that an area of about 40 square nautical miles north of the area, up to 6,000 feet from the ground, will be closed to flights.

The eruption in the Holuhraun lava field is being monitored by Iceland's Met Office, which outlined the following on its website: “'visual observation confirms it is calm, but continuous”.

In light of current volcanic activity in Iceland the ABI has offered advice to travellers on how they should proceed in the event of a volcanic eruption.

This includes reminding travellers to check that their travel insurance policies cover volcanic ash disruption, and that this policy was secured prior to warnings of a volcanic eruption. If the latter does not apply then holidaymakers will need to contact their travel insurer directly.

Aidan Kerr, the ABI’s Head of Travel said:

"Travel insurance is designed to work alongside, and not duplicate, any compensation you are entitled to from your airline or tour operator. Travel insurers will respond as quickly as possible to any claims to ensure that the disruption caused to travellers is minimised."

Other advice offered by the ABI includes: - Checking the latest status updates with your airline, travel agent or airport.
- Finding out about your rights concerning refunds in the event of travel disruptions, which travellers can access via the European Commission’s Your passenger rights at hand app.

Date Created: 02 September 2014

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