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Postcards a thing of the past as holidaymakers get tech-savvy

New research from AA Financial Services has unsurprisingly revealed that holidaymakers are now more likely to communicate with family and friends back home via text than the old fashioned method of a postcard.

The research found that holidaymakers are now twice as likely to send a text compared to a postcard, demonstrating just how much technology is now a key part of our holidays. Surprisingly, younger holidaymakers (those aged 35 or under) were actually the most likely to send a postcard home, possibly due to the novelty value of it.

Approximately a quarter of those questioned (27%) said they would utilise the old-fashioned method compared to a significantly larger percentage (55%) who said they favoured SMS. Mark Huggins, Director of AA Financial Services, commented on the findings:

“People tend to send a ‘we arrived safely’ text to family to let them know they’re okay. But it’s nice to receive a postcard too – it’s a keepsake and it’s much more personal than a text or email,” he stated. Younger holidaymakers who were questioned nominated Facebook (48%) and Twitter (6%) as their most likely methods of communication, while an intriguing 20% of people who were questioned suggested that they don’t contact anyone back home at all while they’re away.

The research also looked at how generous UK holidaymakers were, with most people bringing back gifts for their nearest and dearest while they’re away. The average gift spend stood at £44.32, with holidaymakers from the North-East singled out as the most generous. The average spend on gifts for people in that particular area stood at £78.18, dwarfing the rest of the UK overall.

Date Created: 29 September 2014

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