Brits turn their back on social media updates

New research suggests that an increasing amount of Brits are planning to shun the joys of social media updates while they are abroad this year.

Despite several phone networks going to great lengths to offer lower roaming charges than ever, 48% of Brits who were questioned in a survey of 1,000 people will not be posting any updates while abroad this year. The research was carried out by travel search site and it was also intriguing to break down the figures regarding the group who confirmed they were planning to post updates while away.

While only 9% of this specific group suggested they were planning to post updates several times a day, 63% will only be posting updates every 2-4 days at most. This indicates that even those who are planning to keep using social media while they are abroad are becoming more aware of the existing charges and are adjusting their behaviour accordingly.

A number of big networks have adjusted their rates in this sphere recently, but it appears as though they may yet have more work to do in order to win customers over. The figures regarding attitudes towards holiday photos were not as definitive though. Of the 55% of people who confirmed that they do take holiday photos, these people could be comfortably split into two clear brackets.

30% of holiday snappers said they would still be uploading their photos instantly to social media. In contrast, 25% were planning to take a more old-fashioned route and confirmed they would be posting photos in an album after returning from their break.

Date Created: 27 August 2014

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