Deodorant tops travellers’ onboard amenity kit wish-list

With luggage allowances seemingly getting smaller and smaller having access to a mini tube of toothpaste or refreshing face wipe on a flight can feel like a godsend.

Sadly amenity kits vary from airline to airline and while extravagances can be included on some flights, others are devoid of ‘freshen up’ basics such as deodorant. To get a full understanding of what airline passengers really want from their onboard amenity kits, Cheapflights put the question to 1,141 people across the UK and Ireland as part of their new survey.

Topping this list was, you guessed it, deodorant with more than half (52%) of those questioned arguing that having access to a quick spritz of deodorant would serve to make their journey more sweet smelling. Despite strong demand for the simple wonder that is deodorant on flights, Cheapflight’s analysis of 48 amenity kits from 27 different airlines revealed that only four airlines offered a stick or spray can of deodorant to upper class passengers! These airlines were Emirates, QANTAS, JetBlue and British Airways.

With just over 20% of passengers across the UK and Ireland having experienced the delights or first or business class, we imagine that only a handful of passengers have an airline branded deodorant languishing in their suitcases. Other items on the dream onboard amenity kit list included toothbrush, eye mask, slippers and eye cream among others.

Commenting on the findings, spokesperson Oonagh Shiel said: “I think the results of this survey would come as quite a surprise for some airlines. Many go to great effort to ensure they anticipate customers' needs and expectations but it would seem sometimes it's the smallest of tweaks that are needed to the offering to really hit the mark. After all, nobody wants upper class passengers causing a stink.

“It's amazing what some people are prepared to do for an upgrade; be it lying, flirting or dropping their friends. At Cheapflights we wouldn't recommend ditching your travelling companions for an upgrade – at least not on your outbound journey. I think the Irish have it right, here – batting your lashes and being nice is far more likely to get you on the other side of the curtain!” If you are heading off on holiday don’t forget to add travel insurance to your list of trip basics.

Date Created: 15 August 2014

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