4 hilarious in flight safety videos

Any holidaymaker who wants to make the leap to seasoned traveller should be able to anticipate what comes next on an in-flight safety video. The nearest emergency exit may be behind you, don’t inflate a lifejacket while still in the aircraft and place your seat in an upright position when landing.

While an obvious necessity, the repetitive nature of in-flight safety videos means that passengers are often lulled into a less than alert state as cabin crew go through the safety motions on our backrest screens. Thankfully some airlines have decided to inject a little humour into the proceedings, and the result is these laugh a minute in-flight videos!

Thomson – Alice & Co -They say you should never work with children or animals, but this in-flight safety video fronted by little ones in oversized airplane staff uniforms show the kids are definitely all right in the humour/safety stakes. Alice & Co may only be knee high to grasshoppers but they certainly know how to deliver a pitch perfect safety briefing.

Air New Zealand – Hobbit Safety Video -The weird and wonderful character’s that make up Middle Earth certainly know how to command passenger’s attention. Wizards in business class, disappearing passengers and magical wooden staffs that turn the cabin from dark to light, all make for a less than pedestrian in-flight experience.

Delta - 80s in-flight video -The decade that brought us day-glo wear, side ponytails and those all-important leg warmers is revived in this retro 80s in-flight safety video created earlier this year. Passengers snaking their way from one seat to another and tucking boom boxes under their seats will ensure that those watching will get a one way ticket to the past.

Virgin America - #VXsafetydance -This all singing, all-dancing safety video is bound to put a little pep in your step, though I’m not sure if onboard cabin crew will appreciate you breaking out some aisle-side moves during your flights. We challenge you not to be humming the ‘fly away, fly away with me’ chorus the next time you step onto a flight.


Date Created: 06 August 2014

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